Fourth neurorespiratory conference

Dr. Ilana Schlesinger MD, Rambam Health Care Campus
Opening Remarks
The 4th Neurorespirartory conference put the patient, not the disease, in the center. 
1st Session: Workshop on invasive and non-invasive respiratory support
Dr. Roni Eichel
The concepts of respiratory support
Mechanical ventilation Troubleshooting
Prof PV Van Heerden,
Hadassah Hospital
Mechanical ventilation Modes
David Linton MD
Acute Ventilation Support in Neuromuscular Disease
David Linton MD
2nd Session: Breathing matters...
Home care ventilation in Israel
Ariel Rokach MD, Shaare Zedek MC
Breathing matters… Why, who, when and how?
Michal Haran MD, Kaplan MC
Closing remarks
Daniel Starobin MD,
Assuta MC